5.56 mm Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group

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M16 Mil-Spec Auto BCG – Fully Assembled

Bolt Carrier
Material: 8620
Black Nitride 

Material: 9310
Black Nitride
Shot Peen
Mag Particle/Marked
No High Pressure Test

Billet Machined
Material – S7 Tool Steel
Hardness – 48-53 HRc

It is a complete BCG including bolt, firing pin, etc.
•Semi Auto or Full Auto Compatibility
•Colt M16 Firing Pin
•Staked Gas Key
•Staked Screws
•Hardened Interior/Bolt/Cam
•Shot Peened Bolt (better durability/strength)
•MRI Tested
•Made in the USA
•Just lube with FROGLUBE or other oil and soak into surface, then drop in and shoot