Unfortunately we are being forced to add this note to/for our customers.

1: Yes we are still open and running

2: Shipping sucks right now

3: Vortex is on indefinite backorder

4: P80 is VERY low on stock

5: If you have ordered from our ebay store please reach out to us before returningĀ 

6: We are a small business and dont have 24 hour staff to answer emails, if you send one in the middle of the night please expect a response the NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

7: If you have any fitment or function issues on an aftermarket frame or if you are using aftermarket parts (barrel, sights, internals) please use google or youtube first before contacting us. Yes we do have a gunsmith on staff but he is limited to how many people he can help with issues involving aftermarket parts that we did not manufacture. Remeber YOU are building a firearm using aftermarket parts and things may need a little modifying or adjusting to get everything to work together. If you have given it your best try and cant seem to resolve it please email our gunsmith directly at:

8: At this time returns are being treated as HAZMAT and are being handled as such. Until this pandemic is over any returns will be quaranteened for 72 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read thisĀ