Current Shop Status on Production

The best way to get a hold of us is by emailing us at:


Overall status: 

We are in full scale production of Glock 17 Gen 2/3, Glock 19 3/4, Glock 21 2/3, Glock 22 Gen 2/3 and Glock 26 Gen 3/4 compatible slide products. We are now prototyping Glock 20, Glock 27 and Glock 43 slides.


Vortex Optics: 

Vortex is very low or out of stock at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Inbound shipping from overseas is crippled right now. We have multiple orders in right now and waiting patiently as we ask our customers to do the same thing, if you have a Vortex cut slide of ours, email us about a discount on the matching optic once they become availible again. 

Magwells and Optic Plates

Optic plates have been prototyped and are testing now. They will be available shortly for sale. 


RPPR-22 - Belt Fed Uppers 

Partnered with a new shop to manufacture the parts that were being made for us in the past by a shop that closed down. We have ramped up to produce more of the internal parts and to manufacture the final assembly. We changed parts and tolerances so that they work better than ever before. We will begin shortly to fulfill past orders and be ready for new ones again soon afterwards. It will be RPPR ver 2.0


Email us at for status updates.