Current Shop Status on Production

Current Status as of 3/18/2019


Overall status: 


We are purchasing another machine shop with 4 more CNC machines & bringing 3 more online as well for both commercial orders and military contracts. 


Glock 19 Gen 4's 

1) We have started the blanks for Gen 4s, should have all Gen 4s done this week with machining. This is only 1/2 day production for us. 12 count


Glock 19 Gen 3's 

1) We have machined all of them that have been sold. Starting a new 2nd batch of Gen 3s - 52 count, should have them finished this Saturday.  

2) Started shipping "RAW" satin finished slides

3) We have 60 that have finished being broached and we are taking them hardening this week. 

4) 30 lot of BLACK NITRIDED PARTS came in and we have started shipping.  





Glock 26 Gen 3/4's 

1) Finished Standard Glock 26 machining, all have been broached and these are going to hardening this week. 

2) American Flag version on Glock 26s, have been finished being machined and also in broaching, we will be doing a very neat process with them.

3) Heat treat this week, then will ship to black nitride coating. 


Glock 17 & Glock 17 HEX CUT Gen 3's

1) All dovetails for all Glock 17s finished.

2) Will run after Glock 19 Gen 3's & 4's

3) Our current backlog is 2 days of operation once running Glock 17s. 


MK46/M249 - Clivilian Clone with binary trigger

1) We are working on first 20 samples now - ETA June 30th for public release - Initial Price will be $2,500 in comparison to FN's $7,800.


RPPR-22 - Belt Fed Uppers 

1) Machining 66 New Bolt Carrier Groups next week (66 steel faces machined on 1st op) -  (25 allocated to existing uppers) 41 will go to market on with extractors  planning process flow for different parts. 

2) 11 remaining uppers in finished lot that have not been sold. 

3) Links Designed - Waiting production line manufacturing

4) Belts Desgined - Waiting production line manufacturing

5) New short Barrel run scheduled this March.