Current Shop Status on Production

Current Status as of 10/4/2019

The best way to get a hold of us is by emailing us at


Overall status: 

September Batch - The shipment arrived back from coating today 10/4. Also arriving in the shop today are the Vortex optics for the orders that were bundled with Venom or Viper optics. We will inspect the slides, install channel liners and test fire a few for a second time. Prior to coating, all were test fired. We should be able to ship them by Wed. 

Oct 1 Batch of Slides - We received a delivery of raw material on 10/1 and are starting work on machining them. 


Status as of 7/7/2019

Overall status:   

We are cutting Glock 19 OP 2 - Top portion of slide. Back into full production mode, programming Glock 19 & 17 Hex slides. Running 19's now, Running 26s next then 17s.



We are also moving forward with Glock 43s in TITANIUM, Glock 34, 20,21 & 22 models. Plus both the .22 belt feds & mini-M2 .22 Lakeside kit. We are also working on the new Glock 26 Long design that saves the $50 attachement cost and makes it a natural part of the slide. 


Glock 26 Gen 3/4's 

1)  Next batch of 26s have been roughed out on material. 


2)   We finished machining 6 out of 13 Glock 26 HEX slides.
 Glock Hex

Glock 19 Gen 4's 

1)   All should be shipped. 

Glock 17 Gen 3/4 Tactical's

1)  We are cutting them this week. 

Vortex Optics: 

 Have new lot of Vortex Venoms, if you have a VORTEX slide of ours, email us about a discount on the matching optic. 


Glock 17 HEX CUT Gen 3's 

1) We are finished the HEX cut design and machine programming for Glock 26s, we are currently working on Glock 17s. 

2) We are CNC 5-Axis programming the HEX design now. 

3) Because our alloy is 17-4 this design could not be done and keep strength if done on a Glock OEM.  Glock OEM core hardness is 26 and ours is 46 because of the alloy difference.   


MK46/M249 - Clivilian Clone with binary trigger

1) We are working on first 20 samples now - ETA December 1st for public release - Initial Price will be $2,900 in comparison to FN's $7,800.

If you want to be added to the wait list, please write us. 


RPPR-22 - Belt Fed Uppers 

1) Machining 66 New Bolt Carrier Groups this month (66 steel faces machined on 1st op) -  (25 allocated to existing uppers) 41 will go to market on with extractors  planning process flow for different parts. We are fitting this run in between Glock slides, but need the 5 axis to run this parts with super tight tolerances. 

2) 2 Slots open. 

3) Links Designed - Waiting production line manufacturing

4) Belts Desgined - Waiting production line manufacturing

5) New short Barrel run scheduled this Summer. 

6) If you want to be added to the wait list, let us know. 


We are also doing the mini-M2 .22 Mag Lakeside kit and we have the last virgin kit on the planet 


1) We will be making this as a KIT only.