Current Shop Status on Production

Current Status as of 5/22/2019

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Overall status:   


WE ARE CUTTING ALL GLOCK 26 NOW, enough for all back orders !!! We will be finished with all standard version orders this week.  All Glock 19 Gen 4 Orders are back from hardening and being sandblasted for prep to black nitride. 






If you want your raw to be sandblasted for free in prep for CERAKOTE, please let us know and we will do it for you. Shown below is the difference: 

 Smooth versus sandblasted


Back to Colorado today to run production and oversee the design, development and manufacture of the $100 Zev type of aluminum magwells (tactical version and Competition large version) to be given to customers for their patience. 



Glock 17 & Glock 17 HEX CUT Gen 3's 

1) We are finished cutting tactical Glock 17s now!!! Raws in standard configuration have shipped. 

2) We are CNC 5-Axis programming the HEX design now. 

2) Below is one of our designs for the Hex Glock 17s and we will also be going this for Glock 19s, 26s, 43s, 34s.  We will also be doing a version with lines instead of cut outs for rear hex's. 

3) Because our alloy is 17-4 this design could not be done and keep strength if done on a Glock OEM.  Glock OEM core hardness is 26 and ours is 46 because of the alloy difference.   

Hex Glock


Glock 19 Gen 3's 

1) We have made all Glock 19 Gen 3s in all configurations, waiting on heat treat and black nitride. 


Glock 26 Gen 3/4's 

1 )  Running a new larger batch this week after HEX cuts that will get us caught up with all current orders. 



MK46/M249 - Clivilian Clone with binary trigger

1) We are working on first 20 samples now - ETA Sept 30th for public release - Initial Price will be $2,900 in comparison to FN's $7,800.

If you want to be added to the wait list, please write us. 


RPPR-22 - Belt Fed Uppers 

1) Machining 66 New Bolt Carrier Groups before end of May (66 steel faces machined on 1st op) -  (25 allocated to existing uppers) 41 will go to market on with extractors  planning process flow for different parts. We are fitting this run in between Glock slides, but need the 5 axis to run this parts with super tight tolerances. 

2) 2 Slots open. 

3) Links Designed - Waiting production line manufacturing

4) Belts Desgined - Waiting production line manufacturing

5) New short Barrel run scheduled this May. 

6) If you want to be added to the wait list, let us know.