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RPPR- .22 cal Belt Fed Upper Receiver

Ripper .22 cal Belt Fed Upper Receiver
Manufacturer: LithocoreX
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A SAW based .22 caliber belt fed upper receiver. Able to shoot up to a 1,000 rounds at a time of .22 cal LR using your AR-15 lower receiver.  LithocoreX has manufactured the an AR-15 .22LR upper that is semi-auto and belt fed. Complete with a set of belts, aluminum railed hand guard, trigger spring and buffer system. You do not need anything but ammo, your lower receiver and a sight.....everything else is included in the kit. 

  • The belt fed works in all lowers including NFA registered lowers
  • Works with binary triggers
  • We will be offering links in the future for $5 per 100 links 
  • Delivery is when we finish them

Here is our belt fed upper in action on a registered M4 lower receiver on YouTube.